The CHILL-ICE Analogue Lunar Mission Campaign 2021


About the CHILL-ICE I Team

The CHILL-ICE I Campaign was not possible without our great international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural team: Marc Heemskerk (Head CHILL-ICE & geologist), Charlotte Pouwels (Head CHILL-IC & Physicist) , Sabrina Kerber (Space architect), Jaap Elstgeest (System engineer), Benedetta Cattani (Rover operations), Robert Heemskerk (Mission support), Esther Konijnberg (Geologist), Susan Christianen (Analog astronaut and Iceland POC), Luis Melo (Rescue),  Antonia Sattler (Space Architect), Eibhlin Laffan-Downes (Physicist), Jamal Ageli (Media & photographer), Kevin McGrath (Mission Support).

In addition, we would like to thank our selected analog and backup astronauts for their tremendous effort, great mindset, and assistance during the first mission: Christian Cardinaux (commander Crew I), David Smith (Scientist Crew I), Agnieszka Elwertowska (Engineer Crew I), Sabrina Kerber (Commander Crew II), Mohammed Wahidi (Scientist Crew II) , Susan Christianen (Engineer Crew II), Benjamin Pothier (Back-up commander), Sebasthian Ogalde (Back-up engineer). 


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Mission Project CHILL-ICE I

The CHILL-ICE "Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar analogue Lavatube - ICEland"  mission conducted various researches and experiments during the campaign in August 2021. Results of different Researches are to be found below:


Lava Tube Communications - Reykjavik University

  • 200m range subsurface
  • Environmental resistant
  • MCC >15 km distance

ECHO Habitat - Wilson School of Design & KPU Canada

  • Inflatable and deployable habitat
  • Lightweight (30 kg)
  • Deployment time window ( within 8 hours)

Other Researches

  • Freezed-dried meals by LYO Food
  • Human performance by CHILL-ICE
  • Skylight access system by Cranfield University
  • Crew cohesion
  • Vigilance
  • SpotNet AR astronaut detection by David Smith
  • Emotional intelligence
JA-chill-Zebro-11 (1)
Picture credits – Jaap Elstgeest
Analogue astronauts

Lunar Zebro Rover by TU Delft - Lunar Zebro team

  • Rough terrains
  • Human factors
  • MCC operations

PVES Power System by BlinkingLights

  • 2 kW
  • Light weight
  • Environmental resistant



M. Heemskerk, C. Pouwels, S. Kerber, E. Downes, R. Heemskerk, and B. Foing, \CHILL-ICE: Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar-analogue Lava-tube: Iceland Campaign of EuroMoonMars," vol. 14, pp. 2020{901, 2020. doi:10.5194/epsc2020- 901. [Online]. Available:

EPSC Congress - C. Pouwels, S. Fairburn, B. Van Rikxoort, M.-P. Alary, M. Heemskerk, S. Kerber, and B. Foing, \Construction of the Inatable Habitat ECHO for Inside a Lunar-analogue Lava-tube,"vol. 15, pp. 2021{835, 2021. doi: 10.5194/epsc2021-835. [Online]. Available:

EPSC Congress - C. Pouwels, J. Elstgeest, M. Heemskerk, and B.Foing, \Overview of the Photo Voltaic Energy System (PVES) for the CHILL-ICE mission,"vol. 15, pp. 2021{836, 2021. doi: 10.5194/epsc2021-836. [Online]. Available:


52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2021 (LPI Contrib. No. 2548)


A big shoutout to

Marc Heemskerk, Charlotte Pouwels, Sabrina Kerber, Esther Konijnenberg, Antonia Sattler, Robbert Heemskerk, Susan Christianen, Benedetta Cattani, Jaap Elstgeest, Luis Melo, Christian Cardinaux, David Smith, Agnieszka Elwertowska, Mohammad Wahidi, Sebasthian Ogalde, Benjamin Pothier and Jamal Ageli.

 Without who this would have been impossible.


Our partners for this campaign

Lunar Zebro, Blinkinglights, GoPro, Reykjavik University, Astroland, Space Iceland, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) , 66ºNorth, TU Delft, LYO Food, Scarpa, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Extreme Design Lab, EuroMoonMars, TVG-Zimsen, Heemskerk Innovative Technology, 4th Planet Logistics

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