CHILL-ICE II Analogue Astronaut Call


ICEE Space is excited to open it’s analogue astronaut applications for CHILL-ICE 2022 mission! If you think, you have what it takes to be an analogue astronaut then this is your chance!

CHILL-ICE 2022 analogue astronaut mission will push the boundaries of research for crewed interplanetary exploration to next level and we are looking for people who are passionate about space. For all the requirements, please refer to the poster and contact us at for any questions.

Do you have what it takes?

Apply here



Call for all the scientists and lateral thinker’s out there! ICEE Space is actively looking for research proposals that might be developed and operated during our CHILL-ICE mission 2022. In our last mission CHILL-ICE 2021, we have successfully demonstrated the results of research in various fields ranging from food to robotic exploration and this year we are going beyond such as geological research, infrastructure development and technological innovations. The research proposal’s other than these topics such as human factor study, human-robot interaction, astrobiology and many more like these can also be proposed.

If you are interested in proposing a research topic, send us a filled-in version of the research proposal document (See below page) to with the subject ‚Research proposal CHILL-ICE II‘. We would also love for you to include a few lines about why your research would be suited to join us.

In return, ICEE Space & CHILL-ICE II offer you the following:

  • A highly qualified and international team to work with.
  • Testing in lava tubes.
  • Testing during an analogue astronaut mission.
  • Testing in the extreme environments of Iceland.
  • Assisting with the requirements needed to perform the research.
  • Assisting with data analysis.
  • Assisting with academic writing.
  • Exposure to the media.
  • Possibility to publish your work in collaboration in our (upcoming) papers.

 Costs: Depending on the research needs (Logistics, time, analog coverage) there may be a fee required. 

Download the research proposal here! 

(If you experience issues with downloading, manually copy-paste the link into a New Tab and hit Enter)

The amazing picture of our CHILL-ICE team working on the ECHO habitat was taken by Jamal Ageli (






For information, collaborations or research possibilities, please contact us.


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