Picture credits - Jaap Elstgeest

We are back again with another exciting mission CHILL-ICE 2022 after successfully completing CHILL-ICE 2021. Previously, we have demonstrated our wonderful Echo habitat deployment in the lava tube during 8 hours time window by our astronauts and explored the capabilities of the Lunar Zebro rover for lava tube exploration but this time we are taking a step forward. CHILL-ICE 2022 shall pave its way towards human-robot interaction during the analog mission.

Sounds exciting right!

We are also excited to welcome you and tell you more about our upcoming mission! we are actively looking for a mission control team to help us during CHILL-ICE 2022 mission. For more information, please visit https://chill-ice.com/careers.

"Alone we might go fast but together we will go far", space is for all and together we can achieve a lot more! CHILL-ICE team is always open to research possibilities, collaborations, opportunities, and investors. For more details, please contact us at info@chill-ice.com.