Meet The Team


Group picture during training day. Source: Jaap Elstgeest

The CHILL-ICE I Campaign was not possible without our great international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural team: Marc Heemskerk (Head CHILL-ICE & geologist), Charlotte Pouwels (Head CHILL-IC & Physicist) , Sabrina Kerber (Space architect), Jaap Elstgeest (System engineer), Benedetta Cattani (Rover operations), Robert Heemskerk (Mission support), Esther Konijnberg (Geologist), Susan Christianen (Analog astronaut and Iceland POC), Luis Melo (Rescue),  Antonia Sattler (Space Architect), Eibhlin Laffan-Downes (Physicist), Jamal Ageli (Media & photographer), Kevin McGrath (Mission Support).

In addition, we would like to thank our selected analog and backup astronauts for their tremendous effort, great mindset, and assistance during the first mission: Christian Cardinaux (commander Crew I), David Smith (Scientist Crew I), Agnieszka Elwertowska (Engineer Crew I), Sabrina Kerber (Commander Crew II), Mohammed Wahidi (Scientist Crew II) , Susan Christianen (Engineer Crew II), Benjamin Pothier (Back-up commander), Sebasthian Ogalde (Back-up engineer). 

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