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Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar-analogue Lava-tube | Iceland Campaign of EuroMoonMars
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Getting ready for launch...

Our international and highly motivated crews are preparing for the mission, Crew Lava ('Mission 1'), Crew Luna ('Mission 2'), Crew Terra ('Back-up astronauts'), and the MCC and Local Support teams are all ready for take-off to fly towards Iceland. Although a bit close...

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A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors for the CHILL-ICE Mission! Be it financial, logistical, equipment and instruments, or all of them: Without your help, we would not have been to where we are and making this mission into the success we are going for. Living on the Moon is not an easy ...

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Introducing ECHO: Extreme Cave Habitat One!

The CHILL-ICE habitat, constructed by the students and staff of the Wilson School of Design of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Canada, has been shipped to Iceland. Offering a safe and comfortable place to stay in space for our CHILL-ICE Analogue...

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The final two months until our mission dates have arrived. In these final stages of preparation, we will focus on boosting our outreach, ensuring a safe and efficient travel of personnel and cargo, and identify the key mission research statements!

CHILL-ICE will host its initial field research ...

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Charlotte Pouwels talks about the Future ESA astronauts!

Mar 24, 2021 – Mar 24, 2021

Our very own Head of Logistics Charlotte Pouwels will be presenting alongside of Dutch astronaut André Kuipers on national television. Check out the fragment below:

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CHILL-ICE Space Pubquiz

Apr 23, 2021 – Apr 23, 2021

Join in on the second official Space Pubquiz by the CHILL-ICE Core Mission Team! Make sure to sign up via our GoFundMe page ( and show off your superior space wits! All proceeds will go to the Research Field Campaign later this year!

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Online Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

Mar 15, 2021 – Mar 25, 2021

During the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), the CHILL-ICE team will present the latest updates and ideas from the CHILL-ICE Core Mission Team and our official partners!

CHILL-ICE is hosting an awesome Space Pubquiz on January, the 16th, at 20:00 CET! Show off your superior space knowledge, and win cool prizes! Signing up can be done via our GoFundMe; simply gather your team, or compete by yourself, transfer 10 euros and we will send you an email with all the lat...

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CHILL ICE Online workshop

21-Nov-2020 – 21-Nov-2021

An online workshop where we will introduce our vision, campaign goals, core team members and several of our partners. Send an email to to learn more and get an invite!


The desolate landscapes of the Moon and Mars are hostile for most if not all of known life. It does present a unique research opportunity to learn more about life, the universe, and humanities' place therein. In order to survive on these extraterrestrial surfaces, one needs bring enough protection to sustain (human) life inside a base. One of the ways to reduce the technologies needed for this step is to utilize locally available structures, such as lava tubes. Lava tubes are formed when volcanoes erupt and leave lava flows with a specific viscosity ('liquidness'); if the temperature and chemical composition are just right, the hot lava will start to form a cooler crust on top, which will insulate the inner flow. This crust gets thicker and will eventually surround the whole lava flow. After the eruption stops and flow dissipates, all that is left is a hollow tube: A Lava Tube!

On the Moon and Mars, similar lava tubes have been discovered. Much like on Earth, these large cavities provide excellent shelter: Without significant protection from radiation, large temperature differences, micrometeorites, and other types of 'space weather', humans can not survive for long periods of time. This leads us to a dilemma when it comes to living on the Moon: You either bring sufficient shelter and shields (which takes a lot of effort, time, energy, and money!), or you use a locally available lava tube.

This is simpler said than done; all new space ventures bring about large risks, and of course we want our crew to be safe. We must therefore prepare, on Earth, how it could be to live in the future. To live on the Moon. To live in a lava tube!



If you want to learn more about the research, the Core Mission Team, or the partners of CHILL-ICE, feel free to reach out to us.

Make sure to support us on our GoFundMe!

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